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How to Connect to a Jabra Universal Bluetooth

    • 1). Fully charge the Jabra headset with the cable and dock provided with the headset.

    • 2). Press the large multi-function button on the outside of the headset until the LED light flashes. This means it is in pairing mode and it is ready to be discovered by your cell phone.

    • 3). Go to your phone's Bluetooth options.

    • 4). Enable Bluetooth and choose to enter pairing or discovery mode on your phone.

    • 5). Allow the phone to make a connection to your Jabra headset.

    • 6). Select the name of the headset from the list that appears on the phone.

    • 7). Enter the PIN for the headset. The default PIN is "0000".

    • 8). Select "Connect" on your phone if it doesn't automatically connect after entering the PIN.

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