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Starting a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium Using Acrylic Fish Tanks

When you are told something by someone else you tend to believe it automatically and then someone else comes along and tells you the exact opposite.
It is therefore better to get the facts before making any decisions regarding starting a tropical freshwater fish aquarium using acrylic fish tanks.
I would come along and tell you that from my experience I believe that acrylic tanks are better, though my main reason for telling you this is that I have kids in the house who chuck things around regardless of whether anything may break or not.
You see, if a ball hits a glass tank with enough force that tank will shatter but if the same happens to an acrylic tank it won't.
The decision is yours but here's some points to consider before deciding.
Glass is very difficult to scratch though not scratch proof, whereas acrylic scratches really quite easily, so easily in fact that even a button on clothing can scratch it.
Also glass can be up to ten times heavier than acrylic.
Glass will support lots of weight whereas acrylic tanks need support with all that water in it and they are easier to drill should you need to for a filter system.
Bear in mind also that glass will remain clear over time but acrylic tends to gain a yellow tint due to it's make up.
This is better now than it used to be but does still occur.
So it may just be that after some time you might be looking at your fish through a yellow tint and remember, a few scratches.
Lastly there's the cost.
Acrylic is slightly more expensive than glass but may be worth it if you're worried about something hitting the tank.
There you have it.
When you start a freshwater fish aquarium bear in mind these points for the tank before making your decision as to which type to buy and then enjoy your fish.

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