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    • Colon detox is essentially another name for colon cleansing, a holistic approach to health and well-being where specific attention is paid to the functioning of your colon. The idea behind this methodology to wellness is that an "irregular" colon will begin to hold waste for extended periods of time. This waste contains toxins that are continually released into the bloodstream, disseminating throughout the body and causing ill health. When you concentrate on the efficiency of your colon, ridding it of waste and aiding in its performance, it is believed that the problems you're currently experiencing with your health will find a reprieve, so to speak.


    • While the actual benefits of a colon detox are still up for debate, those who subscribe to this particular methodology believe that a poorly functioning colon can cause a number of problems to your heath and wellness, including indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, gas and constipation, hemorrhoids, bad breath and sore throat, depression and anxiety, headaches, fatigue and irritability, problems with concentration and memory, backaches, acne, impotence and even heart disease or cancer.


    • A person going through a colon detox typically will add a supplement of some sort, usually vegetable in nature, to his diet. Most will contain a bark or stimulant with natural laxative properties, promoting an increased amount of bowel movements (this is where the "cleanse and detoxification" is said to take place). Along with these adjunct tablets, you'll usually need to increase the amount of water you drink on a given day as well as perform an "overhaul" to your diet (if you're not asked to fast for a period of time), eliminating any food products that contain chemicals or preservatives as well as refined sugars and grains. The easiest way to think of the change is as a movement toward more organic, sustainable products.


    • Though a colon detox can seem like a good idea, there are some things you should consider before taking this course to wellness. Due to the nature of the products you'll often use during the process of a detox, your body may become accustomed and create a sort of dependency to them to actually achieve a bowel movement. Once off the detox, you may begin to experience bouts of constipations, which will then lead you to using the detox again to rid your body of this new blockage, establishing an unhealthy circle of use. As your use becomes more and more prolonged, your body may begin to find an imbalance in its electrolytes, which can lead to cardiac arrest.

    Expert Insight

    • When and if you do decide to try a colon detox, it is always advisable to consult with a medical professional before starting this course of "treatment," especially if you're using it to help with a certain illness. Your doctor may be able to recommend a better alternative.

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