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Year Anniversary Gifts for Him


    Paper Gifts

    • Paper gifts are the traditional choice for a first year anniversary. Buy him a book by his favorite author or a subscription to a magazine or newspaper. Tickets to a movie, concert or sporting event is a fun take on a paper gift. If he likes to have fun with friends, buy him a board game like Risk or a poker gift set with playing cards, chips and playing table. If you don't know what to buy him, give him a gift certificate so he can pick out his own present.

    Plastic Gifts

    • Plastic gifts are the new, modern tradition for a first anniversary. If he likes to stay active, buy him plastic sports equipment, like a water bottle or yoga mat. Disc-based media, like CDs and DVDs, are considered plastic. Buy a copy of "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band" for your gaming system so he can rock out on plastic instruments. Buy a plastic drink cooler, new fishing lures or a pair of new sunglasses for the guy who likes to have fun in the sun.

    Clock Gifts

    • Clock gifts are an alternative modern take on a first anniversary gift. A watch is always a good choice for a male clock gift, so pick one that is best for him. If he wears a suit and tie to work, go with a leather-banded or gold watch. But if he's the outdoorsy type, a sports watch is best. An MP3 alarm clock is a thoughtful gift for the guy who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

    Romantic Gifts

    • A first anniversary should be a romantic occasion, so find a traditional gift that shows him how much you care. Create a photo album of your memories as a couple, or purchase plane tickets for a second honeymoon for a romantic paper gift. Romantic plastic gifts include adult toys that can lead to a sensual anniversary evening in the bedroom. For a romantic clock gift, give him some of your time and spend a day together doing the things he likes to do, like playing golf or watching action movies.

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