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How to Unstick Glassware

    • 1). Ice the inner piece. Cause the inner piece of glassware to shrink slightly by filling it with cold water. Add a few ice cubes for good measure.

    • 2). Swell the outer piece. Make the outer piece of glassware swell a bit by submerging it in a pan of hot water. Make sure the water is not boiling, as this could cause the glass to shatter. If the seam between the two pieces is too tight to allow hot water to seep inside the outer piece, try holding it under a tap of running hot water.

    • 3). Soak the glassware. Allow the nested glassware to soak for a bit before gently easing the pieces apart.

    • 4). Use oil. Pour a small amount of mineral oil, cooking oil or other lightweight lubricant between the glasses if the dual-temperature soaking method does not work. Allow the lubricant to trickle through to the bottom, and then carefully twist the top piece to loosen it.

    • 5). Soak in hot, soapy water. Submerge the stuck pieces completely in a sink full of very hot, soapy water if other glassware separation methods do not work. As the water seeps in between the pieces, the dish soap may provide enough lubrication to ease the glassware apart.

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