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Wedding Favors - Where Are You?

Wedding favors are a special way a bride and groom can say thank you to the guests who attend their wedding.
This tradition originated in Europe as a symbolic gesture of gratitude and of unity between the bride's family and groom's family.
Through the years, wedding favors have really grown in popularity.
There are an abundance of wedding favors on the market today.
Wedding favors not only symbolize the bride and groom's gratitude towards their guest, they also symbolize the couples style and individuality.
Often times, the couple will coordinate their wedding favors so that they match the wedding decorations and/or the theme and tone of the wedding.
One of the most popular wedding favors today is candy.
They range anywhere from chocolate kisses to cinnamon sticks to mints and truffles.
Generally, the candy is neatly bundled in tin boxes or in toile tied with a coordinating bow.
Personalized candy bars are also very popular.
What would normally look like an ordinary candy bar wrapper, can be replaced with one personalized and tailored to the theme of the wedding.
A great alternative to edible wedding favors are candles.
Candles are ideal favors in many situations because they can also double as decorations for the table.
Candles easily allow the bride and groom to coordinate the favors with the rest of the wedding decorations.
They can easily be engraved with the couples name and wedding date.
Another great thing about candles is the variety of styles and sizes they come in.
So no matter what type of budget you have, you are sure to find a candle that will fit with your needs.
Bubbles make another great wedding favor.
Many wedding couples choose to have the guests blow the bubbles at the wedding reception, while the couple dances to their first dance.
The floating bubbles make for a magical moment for the bride and groom, as well as the guests.
Wedding favor packages play an important part in the favors.
Containers range from small charming tins, to white cardboard boxes, to cellophane bags or toile to small terra cotta pots.
Be sure you pay close attention to the packaging of the favors, as presentation is very important.
Almost any type of wedding favor can be personalized.
By personalizing the wedding favors, you are leaving your guests with a keepsake from the wedding that they will be able to treasure for many years to come.
No matter what type of wedding favor you choose, your guests are sure to love it.
The key to choosing a favor is making sure it represents both the bride and groom's personality.
With some careful thought and planning, your guest will take home a wedding favor that will remind them of the wedding day for a lifetime.

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