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Orangish-Red Mushrooms Growing on Wood


    • Sulfur shelf mushrooms are wide clusters of overlapping, orangish-red caps that attach to the wood. The caps grow approximately 2 to 12 inches wide and are found on trees such as oak, elm, ash and hickory.


    • Sulfur shelf mushrooms start out as fungal spores, disseminated by rain, that fuse to trees. The spores grow into fruiting bodies, which emerge in the spring, summer and fall seasons.

    Culinary Uses

    • In cooking, only the tender outer edges of the mushroom's cap are consumed. The rest is too tough and woody.


    • Although sulfur shelf mushrooms are edible, they still may cause mild allergic reactions and stomach discomfort.

    Fun Fact

    • Sulfur shelf mushrooms contain a meaty texture and flavor similar to chicken, which is why the fungus also is known as chicken mushroom and chicken of the woods.

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