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Red and White Bedroom Decorating Themes


    • For an ultra modern red and white bedroom theme, use the minimalist approach. Paint the walls a stark white, and cover the floor in white carpet or tile. You can keep the furniture white as well, so the room is essentially a blank canvas. To maintain the contemporary style, you should choose furniture pieces that feature clean, simple lines. Punctuate the space with bold pops of red for a sleek, modern look. For example, you can bring drama to the bed with a red upholstered headboard or anchor the seating area with a large red area rug. Add red drawer pulls and knobs to your dresser, closet, desk and bedside tables as well. For the bedding, try white linens with red throw pillows. However, if all the color blocking is too much for you, you can add a bedspread with a red and white geometric pattern that works with the minimalist look.


    • In a young girl’s bedroom, a Valentine theme can be a sweet twist on a red and white color palette. Hearts are a must for this bedroom style, so look for bedding with a red and white heart pattern. Heart-shaped throw pillows are also a fun touch for the bed, and you can add a heart-shaped rug to the center of the room to liven up a plain wood floor. Paint the walls white, but use stencils to create a red heart border at the top or center. Other heart-shaped accessories, such a wall mirror or clock, are ideal wall hangings. To give the room added dimension, incorporate pink accessories, which work well with the Valentine theme.


    • To create a cozy bedroom look, a red and white country theme is an ideal option. Instead of a bright primary red, however, opt for a muted tone that has a worn, weathered look. You can paint the walls white, or opt for a red and white patterned wallpaper, such as checks or stripes. Beadboard paneling also works well in a country theme bedroom, so you can paint it red and leave the top portion of the wall white. Include whitewashed furniture items, but a wrought iron bed frame provides a truly authentic look. When choosing bedding, opt for sheets with a red and white floral, striped, checked or star pattern. A red and white patchwork quilt is an ideal topper for the bed.


    • If you’re looking for a red and white design that appeals to a teenage daughter, go with a Parisian theme. A French toile pattern gives the room an authentic feel, so look for red and white toile bedding. You might also find toile wallpaper, which you can use to create an accent wall behind the bed. If the bedroom is large, paint the walls red for a sophisticated, romantic feel. Wrought iron furniture is ideal for a Parisian theme because it is reminiscent of bistro style furniture and also allows you to incorporate black into the red and white color palette. For wall hangings, frame black and white photos of Parisian scenes, such as the Eiffel Tower or Champs-Elysees. Use wooden frames so you can paint them red to highlight the photos

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