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Safety Features Used in Cars

    Crumple Zones

    • Designed "crumple zones" are areas of a car made to absorb impact and reduce the force felt by passengers during an accident.

    Interior Special Features

    • Interior features are made soft and/or collapsible to protect passengers during an accident. A collapsible steering column is standard on all cars and protects the driver from chest trauma in a front-end collision. Padded dashboards and interior surfaces also help protect occupants from injury.

    Safety Glass


    • This newer safety feature is required for both frontal occupants on all U.S.-sold vehicles since 1998. Side airbags may or may not be present in some vehicles. The airbag is effective in reducing the severity of injury in frontal collisions.

    Seat Belts

    • Seat belts have been critical in reducing the severity of accident injury. As of 2009, their use is required in every U.S. state. They have been proven to dramatically reduce injury and prevent death in a wide range of accident types.

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