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Being a lucrative african fashion design

Up to date, fashion design has been one of the most lucrative area of design. Many designers are croping out in Africa. Many of them have brilliant design minds but some are better than the others. how does this come about?

i will take you through the secrets of being a flourishing designer in Africa. 


One vital aspect you need to know is that not everyone will love your work or output. Do not establish your market where you are just but imposing your wear on people. Try as much as possible to learn the wants of different people. Target the group of persons who really identify with your type of design. For instance, if it is african type of wear, your target can be the type of people or community which really appreciate and withold the African culture. therefore, establishing your business close to them will be very paramount. afterall, who said that all businesses have to be established in a city set-up?


By being flexible, you dont just stick your mind to one type of design. you might be a good designer but you may not reach out to all persons.For instance, if you as a designer is specialised in African designs, do not be fixed on that type of design alone. There are those who will love the blending of the two. cater for them. Try also to balance the gender. Design for both sexes even if you are a specialist in only one. It is never hard as design is always a learning process


However profound you as a designer may be, try to accept the fact that you are not the only designer who ever existed. Try to get some knowlegde and skills from other fashion giants. follow them on social networks, see what they are trying to do that is making them unique from you. This will ultimately grow your thoughts


Do not fix yourself to the people who are just the immediate surrounding. Go to social networks like facebook and twitter. Post your work there as often as possible. Create a website or a blog for your fashion house. and have made it easier for everyone to create their website in very few steps. Do not shy from them.


We are going to feature one Kenyan designer who has been able to establish his fashion house in a lucrative way -  Kevin Alex.

He mainly deals in African type of design. And he openly says that one thing that has made his house to grow is the fact that he established his niche where he was able to easily get his market without too much hustle. He says, " I set up myself in a small town in kenya but there is big market. I knew that people in this area love their culture and associating them with African culture would be the best thing you can do to them."

If you are abroad and your sentiments is to be associated with African wear, the best place to be is SANABE AFRICAN FASHION. This is his brand name for his fashion house. You will get all your satisfaction here. From gents to the lads, he has gotten it right. For more information about this fashion designer and his designs, click on to follow his page.


 I hope i helped you to be able to be like those successful african designers like Duro Olowu and many more. for more imformation about this field of design, continue  following this page and you will grow faster.


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