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The Other Power - Living off the Grid and Generate Your Own Power

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I am all about helping to keep the environment clean and healthy for future generations to come. With that, I also do not wish to give up some of the modern conveniences like running water and electricity. How does one go about using "The Other Power" sources to live off the grid and generate your own power.

Well the first thing you need to do is decide if you can utilize solar or wind power. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Wind power generators of course requires that the wind be blowing. While the solar power generators only work when the sun is out. Your best bet is if you live in an area that has the ability to utilize both methods of power generation.

The wind generator can work at night where the solar generator can not. Likewise, the solar will work on those hot summer days where there is no wind present. One power source can take up the slack where the other leaves off, giving you a near constant power generating capability.

Now that you have chosen to install "The Other Power [http://otherpowersources.info]" you now need to decide if you are going to purchase ready made generators or make your own. Yes you can make your own generators, I did with some very simple and easy to follow plans. Buying ready made products are just not my style but if you are not the handy type there are numerous products available on the web.

Now for me the choice was simple, if I was going to live off the grid using "The Other Power" I was going to be totally self sufficient and make my own. This way I could also easily repair anything that broke, because I knew how it was made and put together. Either way you go, using "The Other Power" to get off the grid will ease your mind about the growing energy crisis in this country by knowing that you are not contributing to it.

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