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Learn About Danio Fish, a Great Species of Fish For Any Aquarium

Add variety to your Aquarium; add a Danio Danios (long-fin Zebra Danio) are really fun to have and can mix up the colors in your tank.
Having multi-colored fish keep your tank from being a bust.
Colorful fish add excitement to the mix.
Danios average 4 inches but are known to grow up to 8 inches.
Danios are a tropical fish so a community of tropical fish is perfect for your Danio.
Danios are smaller but don't underestimate these meat eaters.
Danios are carnivores that can chow on crustaceans, worms and larvae.
A staple diet of tropical flakes and pellets are a fair food to provide your Danio fish.
Just follow the packaging directions so you don't over feed your Danio.
Like other carnivorous fish you can feed your Danio frozen or freeze dried foods, blood worms, tubifex worms etc.
If you are feeding frozen foods be sure to thaw them out first.
Feed your Danio twice a day with staple foods and up to four specialty meals a week.
Danios are spend their time swimming in the middle of the aquarium but they also need a room to swim because Danios are social fish that swim in schools, even with other fish.
The water Temp should be a medium between 70 to approx 80 degrees.
Danio Fish are a personal favorite.
These are the "big fish" in a small pond as they are tough little meat eaters.
I see that they take to worms a lot more than other staple fish food.
Other Types of Danio Fish include Spotted, Leopard, Pearl and Giant.

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