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Plantasia Hints

    Upgrade Tools

    • You have four basic tools--a shovel, a watering can, pesticide and a weeding tool. These tools are essential in getting your garden in top shape. As you earn manna, use it to get more tools. After you plant some more flowers, use your manna to upgrade the tools.

    Buy More Plants

    • Harvesting blooms and fruit on the plants is the major way that you earn manna. The more flowers of the same color next to each other that you have, the more manna you can earn. So buy more seed packets after you get extra tools. This gives you more manna to make purchases.

    Break Rocks

    • Breaking rocks is another way to earn manna. This also clears the way to plant more flowers. It is vital to make sure that you clear the fields of rocks. If you are not planting with your shovel, then you should be breaking rocks. Being able to focus on many areas at once is essential in this game.

    Buying Spells

    • There are four basic spells, including the transport spell, rainstorm spell, weed-be-gone spell and pest-be-gone spell. You can move one flower to a different place if use the transport spell--this spell is usually cheap and can be bought as needed. The rainstorm spell waters all the plants that are on the field as long as a bug is not chewing on them. This is a more expensive spell but well worth the money if there are lots of weeds. Weed-be-gone reduces all the weeds in the field by one level. Again, this is an expensive spell, but it is well worth the money to get rid of lots of weeds. The last spell is the pest-be-gone spel,l which sprays every pest on the field. It will typically kill low level bugs, but tough bugs will only be damaged by it. Pest-be-gone is invaluable if you have lots of pests, because pests eat through the plants.

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