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Crate Training For Dogs - Why it Will Make Your Life and Your Dog"s Life Better

If you are frustrated with your unruly pooch you are like a lot of people who love their dogs just not their bad behavior.
There are many great reasons to crate train your dog and the work you put in will pay off in many happy years for you and your furry best friend.
Here are some great reasons you should crate train your dog: Housebreaking will be easier Being in a crate will help your dog to learn to control when it goes to the bathroom.
Your dog will learn to hold it instead of just going whenever it wants to.
Dogs are essentially clean animals and don't like to go to the bathroom where they sleep and eat.
Crate training a puppy will speed up the housekeeping process.
Your dog will not want to soil his crate and will gain more control over his need to go.
But beware, if you leave your dog in the crate too long and he ends up going in his crate you will lose the best tool at your disposal to housebreak your puppy.
Crate training teaches a dog to not be destructive Dogs can be very destructive mostly because they don't have anything to do other than chew on everything they can sink their teeth in.
You don't want to stop your dog from chewing all together because chewing is a natural behavior for your dog, you just want him to stop chewing on the wrong things like furniture, shoes, etc.
You should provide safe chew toys to your dog while he is in the crate and by doing this you are teaching him what is an acceptable object for him to chew on and he will like being in the crate more.
Crate training keeps your dog safe from potential hazards If your puppy has free reign in your house you could be asking for trouble.
A dog can get in to all kinds of things that could harm it.
Your dog could get in to your garbage and could choke on bones or cut himself on a sharp object.
He could also get in to food that it toxic to dogs like chocolate and onions.
There are many advantages to crate training your dog.
You can find plenty of resources on the web as well as a lot of great books on the subject.

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