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Seven Steps to Winning Her Back

So, the relationship has ended.
You can not get that girl off your mind! You want her back, no doubt about it.
You want to begin taking steps to get her back right away.
Before that will happen, you must make some changes.
What went wrong.
The first step in winning her back is learning what you did that caused the breakup? Reflect on the relationship and look closely at your behavior.
Whatever caused the breakup must be recognized and acknowledged, and then it must be fixed.
Apologize and make amends.
Once you know what brought the relationship to an end, you can apologize for the part you played in the breakup.
Learn what you might do that would tell her you are sincerely sorry for your actions, and that you want to restore the relationship.
The bad behavior must go.
The behavior you had going before the breakup did not work, so you must make changes.
You must decide what those changes will be, and that you can make them a permanent part of who you are.
Change her mind.
The next step in winning her back would be to get her to want to try the relationship again.
That will probably take some time and lots of patience.
You will want her to remember the good times you had.
You also will want to convince her that you can make her happy again.
Mind your manners.
Be on your best behavior all the time.
At every opportunity show her the great qualities that attracted her the first time and, of course, those qualities that you have recently developed.
If you are kind and thoughtful, considerate and patient, she will see that you are serious about the apology you gave her.
If your behavior extends over a lengthy time period, she will be more willing to risk starting up the relationship again.
Learn to communicate with her.
Frequently, relationships become comfortable and the parties stop taking time to talk to each other.
This may have been one of the problems in the relationship.
As you are working on winning her back, establish good communication.
Talk with her, and listen not only to the words she speaks, but get the message behind those words.
You will make points by just listening to her.
Continue to be friendly.
When you are out and happen to meet this special lady and her friends, always greet her with a smile.
Be polite and courteous.
Treat her like she was really important to you.
At the same time, do not make her feel like she is being followed, watched, or smothered.
Give her space to enjoy the time with her friends.
No doubt she is taking in the new you.
She is remembering the good times, the happy times she had with you.
If she encourages you to call here, do so within a reasonable amount of time.
This signals that she likes the new you and is ready to try the relationship again.

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