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How to Use an Air Bumper Jack

    • 1). Engage the emergency brake on your vehicle. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling or moving off the jack once the vehicle has been lifted.

    • 2). Connect the sections of the handle together. Insert the sections into each other placing the slim end of each section into the wide end. The spring button will snap into place indicating the sections of the handle are locked into place.

    • 3). Insert the handle into the handle sleeve located on the jack. Turn the handle to the right to shut the release valve.

    • 4). Slide the jack underneath your vehicle and locate the jack point. A jack point is the specific area underneath your vehicle that is designed to withstand the pressure of the jack and the weight of the vehicle without damaging. Align the saddle of the jack with the jack point.

    • 5). Use your hand to pump the jack handle up and down to build pressure in the air bumper jack and lift the vehicle off the ground.

    • 6). Lower the jack by turning the jack handle. Slowly turn the handle counter-clockwise to return the vehicle to the ground.

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