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Dog Ramp Stairs

Dogs ramp stairs can easily assist your pet in elevating from a low place to a higher one.
This will ensure smooth access from one place to another without injuring your puppy or elderly dog.
By using dog stairs, they will no longer have to jump a few feet just to get up to your bed or any other particular spot.
Dogs instinctively take the normal route up stairs if you were to get your furry little friend one of these.
The dog ramp stairs are generally a great option for mobility as well.
Although your older dog may have trouble walking up the stairs, they can still use the ramp types instead.
A ramp is generally more flat, allowing them to walk on a slightly raise surface and without bending their "knees".
Most of these ramps are produced with strong materials such as steel or solid wood.
However, before you actually go out and look for some stairs, it's a good idea to measure the height from the floor to the bed.
This may not be the case though.
Your dog might even have two spots they sit on daily and in this situation you should get two stairs or ramps if they are also using the couch as a lounge area.
Most dog ramp stairs range anywhere from 9 to 14 inches.
There are others that come in smaller size stairs so the depth is usually less but if they are, it might be a problem for some dogs.
Unlike dog ramps, the stairs can easily be stored in your garage, corner wall area or even some can be put in the closet.
Some dog stairs have been made very light weight for others to carry around.
There are also a few folding ramps which are smaller than some stairs so there are quite a few options to chose from.
When it comes down to it dog stairs, it really matters if you are traveling with your pet often or just intend to stay home with them.
Also, you should consider the condition your dog is in.
Overall, stairs are suitable for all ages and types of dogs.

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