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Miami - Sightseeing Top 7

When planning to visit Miami, you are going to have to limit your holiday to certain sights.
The sheer number of sightseeing opportunities makes it impossible to do everything in the space of a few weeks.
If you are planning a trip to Miami, be sure to fit the following spots into your itinerary.
Everglades Located at the Southern tip of Florida, this vast swampland provides the perfect opportunity for a thrill seeker to get in touch with nature.
Hike, camp and canoe your way through a spectacular landscape that serves as habitat to rare animals such as the American crocodile.
Seaquarium You can see a multitude of amazing sea animals at this impressive aquarium.
The Seaquarium has become particularly popular amongst children, who love the dolphin shows.
Bring the whole family for a riveting day of learning and entertainment.
Parrot Jungle Island You will be able to see a plethora of colors as you peruse the exhibits at this bird sanctuary.
Let your sense be mesmerized as you see the variants of these feathered masters of mimicry.
Don't underestimate the beauty of bird watching - Parrot Jungle Island rarely disappoints guests.
South Beach Postcards and movies often feature South Beach, because of its picturesque combination of bronze sand and turquoise waters.
Here, you can mix with a cosmopolitan crowd of beautiful people and enjoy the temperate waters of a subtropical wonderland.
Miami Zoo A Miami visit would be incomplete without a visit to the sensational Miami Zoo.
The zoo has pioneered the art of modern zoo-keeping by allowing the animals to roam without cages.
Instead of seeing depressed animals behind bars, you will see animals grouped together in accordance to their natural habitat.
The warm Miami climate also makes it possible for the zoo to house animals from all over the world.
Biscayne Bay Biscayne boat tours have become one of the most popular options for people who visit Miami.
If you plan the trip for the afternoon, you could easily have sun-downers on the deck and take some sensational photos.
Remember to be on the lookout for the mansions of the rich and famous, while you are on a boat.
Bars and Restaurants It would be impossible to recommend only one bar or restaurant to a visitor.
Miami tourists have an extensive range of eateries and watering holes available to them.
You can often combine eating and entertainment, because there are often a variety of live Miami shows on offer.

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