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Top 5 Tips For An Aquaponics System Design

If you're relatively new to the world of aquaponics, it may at first seem confusing to you, especially with all the different factors that go into creating an aquaponics system design.

You will need some sort of guidance and advice if you're to build your own system. Here are 5 tips that will help you in your planning of your system design.

___1) Stick To A Basic System Design___

The most common of all aquaponics system designs is the basic flood and drain model, which is efficient and simple, and highly recommended for beginners.

It's based on a system that uses media as a replacement for soil, which is placed within a spacious grow bed for plants to thrive.

The main benefits of the basic flood and drain model is:

  • It doesn't take up much space in your home.

  • It's very simple to understand and to construct.

  • It's the most suitable model for a 1:1 grow bed to fish tank volume ratio.

  • It can easily be customized and expanded due to its flexibility.

  • It's efficient which makes it easy to maintain.

  • ___2) Choose The Right Style Of Aquaponics System___

    In aquaponics, there are three different styles of system used to grow plants, which consists of the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep-Water Culture (DWC) and the media-bed design.

    The first two system designs are borrowed from hydroponics, and although they're effective in some areas, they're complicated and costly to set-up and to maintain.

    The media-bed design is the most suitable for beginners of aquaponics, simply because of the following reasons:

  • It's the simplest and easiest to understand.

  • There are less components which makes it cheaper to set-up.

  • The media bed mimics soil closely and therefore works as an all-in-one function that provides a thriving environment for plants.

  • The media carries out three essential filtering functions which includes the mechanical process of removing solids, the mineralization which breaks down solids and returns it back to the water and lastly, the biofiltration.

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    ___3) Choose The Ideal Location___

    Your geographic location and the place where you put your system will affect certain elements of your system, particularly the water temperature.

    If you live in an all-year round warm climate, you have the luxury of placing your system outdoors, but if you climate is seasonal, then you should keep your system outdoors for the summer and indoors for the remaining seasons.

    Alternatively, if you have a greenhouse, it would be ideal to keep it in there in any season as the elements can be controlled.

    ___4) Get The Correct Materials___

    The material that your system is made from is essential to the life of your fish and plants. Make sure that all components, particularly the grow bed and fish tank is made from non-toxic materials, that will not jeopardize the health of plants, fish, insects and bacteria.

    Also, your grow bed and foundation will have to be sturdy enough to withstand the downward pressure from the media, plant roots and cycling of water.

    ___5) Keep Your System Design Flexible___

    Having a media-bed flood and drain system design is a great start and allows for a lot of flexibility. However, you will still run into problems if your actual placement of components is not well thought out.

    For example, some aquaponic gardeners have made the mistake of setting up the grow bed directly above the fish tank in a way that restricts access to all four corners of the fish tank.

    This makes it difficult to see if there are any unhealthy fish stuck in the corners and also it'll be hard to change the waters when necessary. Plan your system carefully so nothing is restricted.

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