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Best Sex Positions To Last Longer In Bed Tonight

Have you ever wondered how you could make your sexual experience last longer? If you have premature ejaculation, you've probably looked high and low for a solution.
Well you can stop looking.
Just by changing your position in bed, you can add minutes to your sex without any additional effort! Do I have your attention now? The Best Positions to Last Longer In Bed: Position #1 - "The Surreptitious Female Rider" If you want your sex to last longer than ever, probably the best way is to have your partner mount you while you are having sex.
This gives you two advantages: Control: When you are laying flat on your back, you are more relaxed than when sitting up.
Being in this position allows you to enjoy the movements and thrusting and really feel the incredible sensations running through your body.
Because you are so relaxed, you have more muscular control and can maintain your arousal better.
Let Her Take Charge: When your partner is the one controlling the movements, it might heighten your arousal to incredible points.
But because you are in total control of your body, you can have power over just how tight or relaxed your pelvic muscles are.
This will allow you to ultimately determine how long the whole experience lasts.
Pretty great, right? Position #2 - "The Reversing Female Rider" Have your partner mount you, but with her back facing you.
This places a different type of pressure on your penis and provides a stimulating ride that you can still manage.
Because your body is still relaxed, even the awesome sensations brought on by this position will still be under your control.
So if you suffer from premature ejaculation, try one of these two positions.
You and your partner will still have great sex, and she will never know that you are working to control the ejaculation.
By switching back and forth from these two positions, you can maintain and sustain your arousal for the ultimate in pleasure: longer, harder and more intense sex.
How Does A Position Change Help Me Last Longer? 1.
Appearing More Dominant: Women love a man who is in control.
By instructing her to switch positions, you appear sexier to her because you are filling the dominant role, and this is a turn on for every woman.
No Obvious Changes: Without appearing obvious, you can subtly change positions repeatedly during sex in order to prevent premature ejaculation.
Your partner will also reap the benefits of longer sex before orgasm.
These position changes will heighten the sexual experience for both of you and will result in great sex that you can have over and over again.

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