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Get Traffic and Boost Your Business with Local SEO

Local searches are rising as the Internet grows rapidly. In this article we shall be discussing a few local SEO tips that you can use now.

Writing an SEO'd classified ad is one of the best ways to leverage local SEO--this is an easy tip to take to heart. This is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the searches in your local area because those searches get picked up a lot more often by the major search engines and using them often is one of the best ways to send direct traffic to your website. Start out by listing your business on Craigslist because, out of all of the classified portals out there, it is the most popular. As a business owner you need to be sure that you are posting optimized ads on Craigslist on a regular basis. Your ads need to be targeted specifically for your market. The ad should be simple and not loud. When you create an ad put a lot of effort into the title of the ad because that is what will catch the attention of people looking for your business. Use the keyword phrase and your city and state in your title. Be as careful with your Craigslist ad as you are with your landing page because, typically, the ad will outrank the actual site in the search engine rankings. So a good strategy is to use the Craigslist ad as a channel to funnel in the traffic towards your site, which is your ultimate aim. You can also use USFreeAds; it doesn't have the same rate of success as Craigslist but it can still garner you a good response because it is a highly ranked classified ads site. Your main goal with the classified websites should be to send as much traffic to your best offer by either posting directly or using their traffic as a starting point.

If your business has multiple locations, use a different landing page for each one. For local sites, the rule is to avoid having more than a single listing for one business, but if the business has more than one location, there is no reason not to have a listing for each one. The crucial point is that each separate location must have its own unique landing page that is obviously about the business in that specific place. You don't want to have multiple local listings pointing at the same landing page or the site's main page, as this would make things unclear. You don't want to do anything that will confuse search engine users, so your landing pages should match up perfectly with each location. This is one of those seemingly small points that can make a real difference.

When you want to rank well locally, you should focus on getting links from well regarded local websites. Make an effort to do as much networking as you can in your local area, as this will build your reputation and help your ranking. High quality backlinks from leading businesses and organizations in your own region are very important when it comes to succeeding online and getting a high rank. This is fairly straightforward, as sites with good backlinks are always better ranked by the search engines, and the best way to rank for keywords that are specific to a certain location is to get backlinks from highly regarded websites from that location. Doing this will cause the search engines to see you as a quality site in your location. The backlinks that will do you the most good are those that are high quality, and this is far more important than the number of links you have. While getting links from local bloggers won't do you that much good, one or two from high status groups in your area can do a lot.

Don't worry so much about getting a huge number of links, but look for quality instead. In conclusion, there is no better way to grow your business profits than through local SEO.

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