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Intranasal Ciclesonide for Allergic Rhinitis in Children

´╗┐Intranasal Ciclesonide for Allergic Rhinitis in Children

Dosing Recommendations

Directions for using both the ciclesonide aqueous intranasal spray and the ciclesonide HFA nasal aerosol are provided with the package. Before using a new bottle of the aqueous spray, it should be shaken and primed by actuating the pump eight times. If it is not used for a period of more than 4 days, it should be shaken and primed with a single spray. The recommended dose for aqueous ciclesonide intranasal spray is two sprays per nostril once daily providing a total daily dose of 200 mcg.

When using a new canister of the ciclesonide HFA aerosol, it should be primed by actuating it 3 times. If not used for 10 consecutive days, it should be primed again. There is no need to shake the canister. If the actuator becomes separated from the canister, it should be reattached and the system should be tested by spraying it once into the air. The recommended dose for the ciclesonide HFA aerosol is one actuation (37 mcg) per nostril once daily, to provide a total daily dose of 74 mcg.

It is recommended that ciclesonide be given on a regular daily basis during periods when allergy symptom control is needed. Intranasal ciclesonide should not be used in patients with recent nasal injury, ulceration, or surgery. Thhe nasal surfaces should be fully healed before treatment is resumed. The spray or aerosol should not be aimed directly at the septum and must be kept away from the eyes.

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