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Information On Hog Farming

Pork products are huge business in America which is the second largest producer, consumer, exporter, and importer of it. Out of the total consumption of meat in the nation, a quarter of it is provided by hog farming. While another 5 % is obtained from imports from hog farming.

A majority of the hog farms are present in the Midwest, the Corn Belt of the nation. Out of the 60 million swine that are present all over the nation, 68 % of it is accounted from the Corn Belt area. 80 percent of the nation's hogs are catered by factory hog farming.

States like North Carolina, Iowa and Missouri and even our neighbor to the north Canada have had some controversy in the recent past regarding hog farming. I found this pet related site useful http://www.pleasepetme.com. The farms and the factories that release the various contaminations and odors are at the heart of the controversy. Many people are of the option that the pollution that is produced due to hog farming should not be taken too lightly as the manure that comes from hog farming doesn't go through the sewage treatment plant.

Compared to human sewage manure that is produced by hog farming is 30 times more dangerous in polluting the water on the surface, as well as drinking water. The amount of pathogens is more in the manure that is produced at a quick rate due to hog farming, thus increasing the changes to poison the water.

On the other hand manure that is produces due to hog farming is considered as a great fertilizer by the specialists in the area of agriculture. The fertilizer that is thus obtained gives the soil it's much needed nutrients that is required for healthy crops and therefore is very useful to farmers.

The main problem of hog farming arises because these farms are located in close proximity of human communities and then these communities then get worried about the contamination that may be caused to the wells and rivers which will be used by them.

Besides that odor is also a big concern that the neighboring communities have with hog farming. Some of the people are concerned over the fact that the odor tends to reduce the value of their property.

The profits for the farmer will increase proportionately to the number of hogs on the farm. But at the same time the amount of waste will also increase. Therefore the problems that hog farming causes has caused tough regulations and environmental restrictions to be imposed on them, which in turn has caused a lot of people involved in this industry to leave their country and go.

As Canada, besides Quebec, has called for all those in the hog farming industry to come and start their business there due to the less restrictive regulations, they have seen a lot of people moving there.

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