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Occupational Therapy- A Professional Therapy

Occupational therapy is one of the best and professional therapy in maintaining a good and independent lifestyle of a common person. They help in improving the physical and cognitive skills. Not only young and old people are given occupational therapy,  kids are also given OT. Kids are in learning and playing age, so this therapy helps them in evaluating the playing skills and performances in school.

The factors like social, environmental, behavior and psychological can affect kids in different ways. This conceptualization in occupational therapy makes a essential part in life of some kids. Some kids  are physically not fit and some mentally. The OT help these kids  so they can grasp things easily like help them in improving their hand writing, hand-eye co-ordination. The kids who has physically disabled can learn the co-ordination skills.

Some people are physically permanent disabled. Occupational therapies help them in adapting the use of wheel chair, orthodontics, etc. the professional therapists also helps in improving the regular activities like eating, bathing, dressing and many more. The equipments used by physically disabled is of the latest technology and the OT teach the clients with intense rules how to make proper use of the equipments. The equipments used are not so costly and can be used by the kids also. They also provide a manual with those equipments so that if anything goes wrong, they can handle the situation.

 Work related therapy helps the individual in their work also. Some therapists make deals with the clients and the employers and make a good working environment so that the work can be done successful. The OT also helps the people who are mentally not fit and has learning disabilities. In this case the therapists helps the individual in grabbing the normal activities in the daily life. Activities like homemaking, shopping, use of public transport helps in improving their abilities and skills. The clients that are incapable to carry through even the simple routine tasks, are taught to be self-directed in daily living abilities.
The term occupational therapist use for purpose is occupational performance, or the point when the person, the environment, and the person's occupation run into to support the human action and functions that define that person as an individual. The outcome of growth in the number of individuals with disabilities or limited function requiring therapy services depends on the need of OT.
Now a days there are many hospitals, schools and institutes opened for occupational therapy all over the world. Some OT's has opened their personal clinic and offices for the working environment of mentally as well as physically challenged persons.

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