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How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for an Acura Integra

    • 1). Use 5W-20 engine oil if it's clearly noted on the oil cap and your engine has relatively little wear. Also, 5W-30 oil is acceptable in your Acura engine and might even be preferable.

    • 2). Consider mineral oil as refrigerant oil in your air conditioner. It lasts longer than typical refrigerant oil and is better for your compressor if you're not using the air conditioning frequently. You can also use PAG 46 refrigerant oil.

    • 3). Select Honda's All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2 when refilling your Acura Integra radiator. Using other coolant may potentially damage your radiator.

    • 4). Make sure to use genuine Honda automatic transmission fluid (Honda part number 08200-9001) or genuine Honda manual transmission fluid in your automatic or manual transmission. While you can use other brands like Amsoil, Acura enthusiasts agree that the genuine Honda product offers noticeably better performance.

    • 5). Put ATE SuperBlue brake fluid in your car or, if you're running a Type-R and doing a lot of high-speed braking, consider using Motul 600 for a higher boiling point.

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