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How to Make Paving Stones

    • 1). Make a model in a paver mold. Fill the mold with sand and arrange smooth pebbles to create a design. Set this mold aside so you can mimic the design later.

    • 2). Mix equal parts of concrete and sand in a wheelbarrow. Use a hoe to stir this together. The mixture should have the consistency of cottage cheese.

    • 3). Fill an empty mold with concrete. Use the masonry trowel to chop into the surface slightly. This will remove any air bubbles. After the air bubbles are removed, use the trowel to smooth the surface. It should be level with the top of the mold.

    • 4). Insert the pebbles into the concrete. Press in until they are just below the surface but still showing. About 50 percent of the pebbles should still be visible.

    • 5). Place a flat board on top of the surface of the concrete paver and press down as soon as all the pebbles are in place. This will level the surface. Allow the mold to sit and dry for three days until the concrete is set.

    • 6). Twist the mold until the paver pops out. Use a stiff brush to clean off any rough edges and remove any excess concrete. Wash the paver lightly with water and towel dry.

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