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Do you dream about moving to Spain, spending time driving through Spain's gorgeous countryside and enjoying all of the magnificent diverse scenery that Spain has to offer?You're not alone: thousands of people follow their dream and move to Spain every year.
You can too...
there is plenty of prime property for sale in Spain and with so many beautiful houses available to choose from you'll have no problem finding the home your heart longs for.
Spain opens its doors to you with a fantastic selection of properties, ranging from one bedroom apartments up to the most luxurious villas with private swimming pools and much more,all waiting for the right owner to scoop them up and call them home.
The perfect owner could be you.
What areas of Spain are popular?All areas of Spain are equally appealing and every region of Spain makes a fine place to call home.
Homes are now being sold in all of the various regions of Spain including Andalusia, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Cantabria, Castilla y Leon, Catalunya, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia and Valencia.
Establishing a home in Spain has never been easier and there are thousands of houses to choose from.
You can find and buy a home nestled in the countryside or you can just as easily purchase a home that is centred in any one of Spain's major cities: the choice is totally up to you.
When you are looking to move, you have a choice between existing freehold homes and new developments.
Existing freehold homes are the homes that are already built and many of them are pre-owned.
The great thing about freehold homes is that you can often find a home that is already furnished and ready to move right into, maybe get a bargain deal as the previous owners don't want the hassle of moving furniture.
On the other hand, you can choose to purchase a home on one of the many new developments currently being built in Spain and you can move in when the building is complete.
The advantages you'll find when you buy into a new development include the fact that you are part of the decision making process--builders will let you give your input on how your home should look and feel.
Bathroom and floor tiles, etc.
If you purchase a home in Spain and it isn't a private home in the city or a private home in the country, you will immediately become a member of the Comunidad--a council of property owners that have the right to make decisions and you will have certain responsibilities pertaining to property maintenance.
As part of the Comunidad, you will also be expected to pay annuals dues.
If you have any concerns about Comunidad fees you can easily speak with the seller of the property you plan to buy to establish exactly what you are expected to pay.
As of 1999, Spanish Law demands that property sellers provide home buyers like you, with all of the information pertaining to Comunidad responsibilities.
If you feel the atmosphere of Spain calling you, why don't you respond?The incredible landscape, the rich history, the fine dining and of course the culture all combine to making Spain so appealing to homebuyers all over the globe.
The climate in Spain is equally inviting--the mild winters in the Mediterranean, the warm summers throughout Spain and the moderate rainfalls make Spain a comfortable place to visit and live.
The landscape calls out to homebuyers, from the vineyards and farmhouses scattered all along the Mediterranean coast, to the seemingly endless meadows of the Meseta, there are so many reasons you'll want to make Spain your home.
Don't forget the incredible beaches all along the Mediterranean coast.
With plenty of days of sun, the beaches of Spain can be enjoyed almost 300 days out of every year.
Moving to Spain never sounded so good: you can practically spend two-thirds of the year sunning on one of the many beaches lining Spain's coast.
In fact some of Spain's coastal areas have been awarded 'the most healthy place on earth to live' by the World Health Organisation.
The culture in Spain draws thousands of movers every year: from bull fighting to bull running, from flamenco dancing to "futbol", there is no shortage of recreational activities for you to engage in when you move to Spain.
Further, it is not uncommon to find people skiing during the winter months, playing golf in the summer and cycling in the spring.
Homebuyers turn to Spain for the perfect townhouses, cottages, villas, bungalows and apartments.
Whether they are buying a home as a primary property or they are buying a home as a secondary holiday home, homebuyers know that they will have a perfect location for their investment.
People are flocking to Spain from far afield to purchase their dream homes because they know that Spain offers everything they could possibly want or need.
With so many affordable properties for sale in spain , the task of finding the perfect home for your family is virtually painless.
By investing in Spanish property, you can be sure that you are investing wisely and with the knowledge that your lifestyle is about to improve.

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