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Like many other people have done before me, I recently left my regular job to start my own business.
This is a challenging step for someone who values comfort and security, who likes knowing that a paycheck will come every two weeks regardless of his employer's own business success.
Perhaps the biggest problem in becoming self-employed is the loss of non-monetary benefits an employer often provides; namely, medical coverage.
It was very challenging to find affordable health insurance after becoming self-employed.
Many companies offer low-cost policies, so it should be easy enough to find some minimal coverage if that is all you desire.
However, I wanted more; I wanted coverage for everything from routine checkups to prescription medications to major surgeries.
This can be more difficult to come by.
I learned a lot from my search that might be useful to others.
First, I learned to look paste the initial price quote.
While it is very tempting for the self-employed to base all decisions on money alone, medical coverage is a very complex thing, and the value of an insurance plan can change drastically from provider to provider.
Learn to compare policies according to what you actually get out of them and you will find a much greater value overall.
Second, I learned that companies offering low monthly premiums often require you to pay huge deductibles in the event of a hospital visit.
One can always simply hope that a hospital visit will not become necessary, but that just adds another worry to the self-employed person's mind.
Finally, I learned that finding affordable health insurance means reading the policy in detail.
It is important to know exactly what is and isn't covered so that hidden charges don't pop up later on.
Many policies look good in the broad view but can be costly and ineffective in practice.
Self-employed people are always struggling to find affordable health insurance.
However, I believe that any small business owner owes it to him or herself and his or her family to carry medical coverage at all times.
Affordable health insurance is not a myth; all it requires is your investment of a little time and energy in comparing policies and finding the one that is truly right for you.

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