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How to Compose a resignation letter

    • 1). Writing a letter of resignation needs to state several key points. Keeping it short will allow the focus to be on those ideas and not interfere with important messages.

    • 2). Composing a letter must state your full name, address and the date that the letter is written. If there is a job number associated with your work, that can follow either in the body of the letter or after the date at the top.

    • 3). Much thought should be considered as to the wording, the reason for resigning and the time frame this will actually take place. Taking into consideration the amount of notice you are giving should satisfy the requirements of the company. If your company policy does not state a time frame, the rule of thumb is 2 weeks notice. This becomes very important for the future even though it might not seem vital at the time of resigning. Many firms look at your history of responsibility in the past. Pay close attention to this detail.

    • 4). Since your statements become part of the record , they are sometimes read by people that never knew your work history of employment while you were gainfully employed at your job.

    • 5). Be precise since the written words take on different meaning at times. Leave with an open door for you to come back, even if there is no intention of doing that at the time of composing the letter of resignation. Keep the contents on you without mentioning others or events that might have ultimately made your decision to terminate from this job. Those things can label you as a trouble maker even though you know differently

    • 6). Have 3 other people read your letter before submitting it to your supervisor. This will pick up misspelled words, a different meaning than you wanted to convey and errors of dates too.

    • 7). Sample: Robert E. Barnes
      1327 5th Ave. W.
      Columbia Heights
      Mt. 59912
      March 1, 2009
      Job # 112
      Staff Nurse
      To Whom It May Concern,
      Please accept this letter of resignation. My position as Staff Nurse will be terminated effective March 15, 2009.
      I will be getting married and my wife to be wants me to remain in the town she is employed.
      Respectfully, Robert E. Barnes
      This can be typed or hand written. If typed, sign it with your hand written signature. Note that you could reverse this decision. The impending marriage could not take place, a change of ideas of you or your wife to be, or any number of events could alter this reason for leaving. If you actually take a job in the same town, personal activities changed to affect your initial statements in your letter of resignation.

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