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Video: Easy Salt Dough Recipe for Christmas Ornaments

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessie Jane from and this is Lily and we are going to be teaching you how to make an easy salt dough recipe for Christmas ornaments. This is definitely fun for the family so grab your kid and let's get started. So this is a very simple dough. You're going to use one cup of all purpose flour, to that you're going to add half a cup of salt, see it, and half a cup of water. Water? Water. That's funny. That is funny. Start stirring, scoot closer. Okay so you want to combine everything and at this point if you wanted to make the dough a different color instead of white you could add a half a cup of coffee or half a cup of tea instead of the water and that would give it a different color. This is the standard salt dough recipe. So you want to basically stir this until it all combines and then you're going to use your hands to form the dough. So it's kind of grainy right now. Okay so now I'm going to use my hands and I'm going to form it until I get a ball, here I'll give you a piece okay, roll that one into a ball. Okay. It takes about five minute to get it into a good decent size working dough. Now that the dough is formed, you want to lightly flour your cutting board and roll out the dough. Alright, watch out. There you go, flour your rolling pin. I'm helping, you are helping. It takes a little longer when your three year old rolls it with you. Okay let me do it real quick and then you'll get the cookie cutters out. So you want to get this to about I would say one fourth of an inch thickness to about a half inch. You're going to cook these in a 300 degree oven, no 200 degree, sorry, 200 degree oven for four hours and now you're going to use your cookie cutters to make your shapes. Here get the cookie cutter. So I used dog bones to put our dog's name on. Here's some that are already done and dry, circles for Christmas ornaments. So I'm going to take this circle, punch it down and here's one of the pieces. Now before you bake it in the oven, this is important, you want to poke a hole because this is where the hook is going to go to hang on the tree. So lay it down, use anything you have, it won't shrink down in the oven and just make sure you get all the way to the bottom. You want to make sure it went all the way through your dough. And that one will be ready and you're going to put it on your pan and again this is going to be going into the oven and you don't need to line the sheet at all it will come right off. So here are our pieces that are already done cooking. I'm going to put it on, let's put some paint on here. This is acrylic paint, any colors you want, here's your paintbrush and you're going to paint the dough after it's been in the oven, again four hours, 200 degrees. Okay and you can see the hole came right through so that would be perfect for our hook. Yeah, paint it right here. And then once you're done painting them, you'll let them dry, I put glitter on this one, well she did. You can put little googly eyes on them, you can do whatever you want and then you're going to hang them with ribbon. And just make sure that you put a varnish on like a shellac or a clear acrylic paint so they seal and you can keep these for years. I mean I have some from when I was a kid so, what they're probably when I was two, they're 27 years old. But these last forever and they're great to keep for every single holiday and pass them down from generation to generation. To get this exact recipe or to see more craft ideas just like this, please visit us at and we'll see you next time. Say bye. Bye.

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