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Origami Insect Instructions

    • 1). Place a square piece of red or yellow origami paper on a table with the white side up. Lay the square so it looks like a diamond with the bottom corner facing you.

    • 2). Fold the paper in half on a diagonal to make a triangle, pulling the top corner to the bottom corner and creasing it.

    • 3). Fold the triangle in half from the center point down. Crease the fold then unfold it.

    • 4). Position the triangle with the center tip facing you. Bring the two top corners down close to the center point but not exactly on top of it. Leave a small gap between the folded corners and the center crease.

    • 5). Turn the paper over and fold the top corner to the center point of the paper and crease it. Fold most of the same corner back and upward so a small triangular point hangs over the top, and crease the fold. This point will be the ladybug's head.

    • 6). Color in black dots on the top of the wings and head. Draw two big black circles to resemble the ladybug's beady eyes.

    • 7). Flip the paper back over. Pull the two flaps on top upward so it looks like the wings are about to flap.

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