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Silverado Chrome Exhaust Tips

    Custom Shapes and Styles

    • Silverado chrome exhaust tips are available in a variety of geometric shapes -- oval and round are predominant, with square, rectangular and custom cuts also available. For a custom dual exhaust pipe look, a dual-tip may be installed on a single exhaust pipe. Double-walled tips provide bulks as will tips with smaller diameter tailpipe connections and large diameter exhaust tip exits.

    Sound Alteration

    • Resonated exhaust tips can be installed on the Silverado to reduce exhaust noise. Resonated tips have sound-dampening linings such as fiberglass to absorb sound waves during exhaust gas porting. Non-resonated tips, i.e., any tip without sound dampening, may also have sound-alteration properties due to shape or design. Chrome tips that are beveled, flared, double-walled or that change diameter can alter the sound to amplify or change the tone of the exhaust system.

    Attachment Methods

    • Aftermarket exhaust tips are installed with welds, clamps, bolts and screws. Welded tips are either welded directly to the end of the tail pipe, or are slid over the tailpipe like a sleeve and welded into place. Clamp-on, bolt-on and screw-on tips use the pressure of the clamp, bolt or screw to secure the tip on the tailpipe. Clamp-on, bolt-on and screw-on tips can be installed with common tools, though they may also be welded into place, if desired.


    • Chrome is considered a higher maintenance finish than stainless steel. The process of creating the highly reflective chrome finish results in a thin layer of nearly pure chrome exposed at the surface. Any corrosion, pitting or damage to the outer layer will result in a loss of the highly reflective silver color at the damaged location. To avoid corrosion, pitting or damage, clean weekly and use a chrome polish to remove discoloration and deposits.

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