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Pros & Cons of Having a Trash Compacter


    • A trash compactor is basically a machine that smashes trash together in efforts to reduce the volume through compaction. They are generally hydraulically powered.


    • Trash compacters reduce not only trash, but rodents, smell, and volume. They are also convenient in terms of reducing the amount of garbage cans placed on the sidewalk. Trash compacters reduce trips to the outside garbage cans.


    • Compacters are great for disposing of old diapers, boxes and food. Trash compacters reduce labor and waste removal costs for business. Compacters also reduce landfill space required for garbage.


    • Glass bottles, jars, and other glass products should not be placed in the compacter.
      They do require maintenance and they do increase the weight of garbage that has to be carried outside.


    • Restaurants and grocery stores use trash compacters to reduce an overflow of food products. The food industry has a zero-tolerance for smells, rodents and unclean work places with food buildup.

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