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Please Help Me Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - The Easiest Way to Win Her Back

If you've been finding yourself asking that from friends or even searching for advice online lately, chances are you're still in love with your ex girlfriend.
Or at the very least, you still have very strong feelings for her.
Unfortunately, these feelings can be some of the strongest and most passionate you've ever felt, and because of this, your judgment is clouded and will steer you down the wrong path.
You need a proven plan to help you get your ex girlfriend back and in addition, you'll need some patience, understanding, and a little bit of faith in order to get her to come back to you...
If you've been going about begging your ex girlfriend to come back to you, you should stop.
Begging, pleading, crying, and anything else along those lines is the absolute best way to get yourself in trouble and completely damage the relationship that you have been building up for years.
Your girlfriend doesn't want to see that coming from you.
Instead, she wants to see a rock, someone who is a steady soul that she can count on to come to when she is a mess emotionally.
It is a little bit of a primordial instinct that she has left in her from thousands of years ago.
She also wants to know that you are mature enough to handle a complex person like her and relationship like the one that you two may go back to some day.
It isn't even enough that you simply are a good, solid friend who is there for her if she needs you.
If you truly want to flex the full power of attempting to get her to beg to come back to you, you'll simply cut off ties with her.
You should give her a call up and tell her that you're sorry that things had to happen this way, that you do miss the time you used to spend together, and think that the time apart will be the best thing for the both of you.
This will basically draw a proverbial line in the sand and tell her that she has to make up her mind whether she wants to be with you or not.
If you give her the choice, she'll stay friends with you forever with no commitment whatsoever.
The reason for this is because she wants the pieces of your personality like we talked about above, but without the pieces of your personality that drove her to want to break up with you.

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