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Email a great way to capitalise on loyalty

For many companies, the recession was a time to focus on their current clients rather than spreading their wings to new customers. After all, what good are new customers if you don't show your current ones a bit of love and affection?

It takes a significant amount of time, effort and money to win over a new client than it does an old one. It's simple economics in what was a tough time for everybody.

But now the recession is ending. Companies have a bit more revenue to pump into various departments but so do clients. They don't necessarily have to sign up with your company because it's the cheapest one available. Now that customers have some money to throw about, it's time that your company upped the ante and increased its marketing budget.

Email marketing is a great way to keep current clients or potential customers informed of latest products but it also serves a better purpose - knowing whether they are active or not. After all, a loyal customer is an active email user.

Knowing whether a user is active allows you to manually target your email marketing strategy towards them and, more often than not, you'll see success through a geared email strategy. Brand enthusiasts are 40 per cent more likely to open promotional messages sent by their favourite companies, according to Experian.

Think of it as like having a pet - it needs to know that you love and care for them and in return you'll reap the rewards of a loyal customer.

It's an effective tool for capitalising on customer loyalty, but small businesses who don't have an email marketing strategy shouldn't feel like they have missed the boat. Email can be easily integrated into any multichannel marketing campaign and it really is an effective of way of keeping your current customers happy and, at the same time, entices new customers on board.

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