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How to Find Someone That Doesn't Want to Be Found by Social Security Number

    • 1). Perform a preliminary search with family and friends. If you have had a relationship with this person prior to his disappearance, you may have mutual friends and know his family. Ask a member of the person's family to assist you with obtaining the person's social security number.

    • 2). Use an online search database to find the person. Databases such as Intelius, USA Trace and People Records allow you to search for someone using a social security number. Pay the website's fee to conduct your search for the person you are trying to find. The fee for each online search database varies.

    • 3). Hire a private investigator to find the person. Give the person's social security number to the private investigator so she can perform a thorough investigation. A private investigator has the resources that may help find the person faster. Pay the fee requested by the private investigator to have her begin the investigation.

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