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Motorcycle Jackets Have Been Around Since The Invention Of Motorcycles

Motorcycle jackets have been around since the invention of motorcycles, however the purpose of wearing motorcycle jackets has changed over the years from being seen as a certain fashion trend to a necessity for all bikers.
The 1920s saw the beginning of the aviator styled jackets which were worn by many fighter pilots during World War 1 and World War 2. The style was common with a mandarin styled collar and button closure at the front. The majority if not all these jackets were made from horsehide leather which was easily accessible and in high demand during this period.
After a while, zip closure was introduced and the purpose of the motorcycle jacket had changed. Marlon Brando became one of the biggest biker icons when he appeared in the movie "The Wild One" (1953). After this movie, motorcycle jackets had become symbol for rebellious gangs and criminals. Those who were seen wearing biker jackets were known to be associated with a rough crowd and given a label.
It was not until the 1960s that a new fashion of biker jackets had begun. Peter Fonda introduced a new racer styled jacket which became increasing popular amongst many people, the leather jacket was now not just associated with biker gangs or motorcycle but emerged as a fashion statement. During this time, many different leathers became readily available with most jackets being made in naked cowhide leather (known to be the best leather for leather apparel).
The initial outlaw image of the motor biker jacket had been lost and increasing numbers of manufacturers were now introducing a vast variety of styles and images, making leather jackets popular with all crowds.
For most motorcyclists, leather jackets have now become a necessity for protection whilst riding more than for the purpose of fashion. These biker jackets now are seen as a source of extra skin which protects the rider from accidents. Motorcycle jackets are now designed to offer different types of needs and protections for bikers such as ergonomic designs and air vents to offer the best comfort when riding.
Now we see the increasing use of protection pads/armour being used in almost every Motorcycle Leather Jacket, these pads offer the best protection, with new levels being introduced. There are now two broad purposed of leather jackets, the first; leather has now become a worldwide phenomenon in clothing and never seems to go out of fashion, with leather jackets being the most popular leather apparel. Secondly, leather is now most commonly used for motorcycle jackets as a means to offer further protection to bikers and introduce new methods of protection. However, biker jackets are now seeing the rise of fabric jackets or cadura as being associated with motorcycles.

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