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Responsible Toy Poodle Breeders

Buying your dog from responsible toy poodle breeders assures you of more value for your money.
Puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders abound that may initially save you up to a few hundred dollars.
Don't be deceived though because in the long run, you may spend more on veterinary fees to ensure your toy poodle's health.
Like all dog breeds, the quality of a toy poodle depends on its genetic make up and the initial treatment of the breeder from the time it was born until it is sold.
Go ahead and feel free to ask questions.
A responsible toy poodle breeder will give you prompt answers including supporting documents as proof.
They can easily give you information regarding the dam and sire, and even the pup's grandparents.
Some would say these are unnecessary - I see a cute toy poodle that needs a home and that's all that matters.
On the contrary, you NEED to know a puppy's (or a full grown toy poodle if you'd rather have that) "history".
It may look "normal" upon purchase but in a few months' time, your cute fur ball may go blind, have hip dysplasia or have a serious bleeding disorder that may not only be debilitating to your pup but will cost quite a dent on your pockets too.
Toy poodle breeders that matter are those whose primary concern is the welfare of the dog.
Money does count but it is not the end all and be all for them.
They will not just dispose of their litter to the highest bidder but they would rather that these animals find homes where they will be properly taken cared of and bring mutual joy for the pup and its owner (or owners).

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