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Military Backpack Packing Instructions

    • 1). Place your bulky items at the bottom of the pack. The items you place on bottom should be large and lightweight such as a sleeping bag, or lightweight backpacking tent.

    • 2). Position your heavy items against pack frame, on top of your bulky items. The idea here is to keep them close to your back, and centered in the middle of the pack. Any heavy hardware, liquid stove fuel or camp stoves should be placed here.

    • 3). Place your less heavy items directly in front of the heavy items, on top of the bulky items. Such items may include your food or cookware, batteries or extra water containers.

    • 4). Pack your clothing neatly on top of both your heavy and less heavy items. Place socks into any areas not occupied, to keep any other items from shifting around as you walk. You don't want any vacant space in between heavy and less heavy items, otherwise your entire load will shift, and make for an uncomfortable backpacking experience.

    • 5). Place your most often used items, or the things that you'll need quick access to, directly on top of all other items. A first aid kit is a good item to keep on top, or a lightweight fleece or poncho for changes in the weather. A flashlight, or a few snacks are good items to place on top as well.

    • 6). Fill the outer pockets with items that you'll need quick access to as well. Such items may include rope, a lightweight shovel, binoculars, maps and GPS unit, or any other items you'll be using frequently.

    • 7). Attach your sleeping pad to the bottom of the pack frame. You can do this by rolling it up tight, and strapping it onto the pack frame with small bungee cords.

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