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Luxurious City Breaks in the UK

There is nothing nicer when you are sitting at work on a Thursday than to think that you've got a city break ahead of you and a room booked in a luxurious hotel.
Taking Fridays off and enjoying long weekends can be a really great way to wind down after a stressful week or month at work and a great way to treat yourself to that all important change of scenery.
City breaks don't have to be taken abroad to feel special either, in fact some of the best ones are in UK locations which are not too far from home; booking a break just an hour or two away can mean you make the most of the time you have without wasting hours getting there and getting back again.
City breaks should be relaxing, fun and a bit different from your normal weekend so it is important to pick the city and your accommodation very carefully and not just jump in for the cheapest deal.
Price will always be a factor of course but when it comes to just two or three nights away as opposed to a week abroad, you can afford to push the boat out a little on the type of accommodation you go for.
And you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the choice of luxury boutique hotels available across the UK and the cost of these if you book early.
So, if you live in Manchester and you fancy a city break, why not book a boutique hotel in Leeds which is a mere 60 miles up the road? It takes between an hour and two hours to get there by car or train, making it convenient and just far enough away to get you into holiday mode and what's more, it is a fantastic and vibrant city.
Leeds has got plenty to offer you whether you are foodie and want to try out some great new restaurants or you want to kick back in the many bars and pubs filled with friendly locals, you'll be at home in the city and in any of the luxury boutique hotels the city boasts.
Equally, if you live in Milton Keynes for example, London is just a few stops away on the train and can offer something for everyone, whether you want culture, sport, fine dining or just a chance to explore the capital, base yourself at one of the many luxury boutique hotels and you'll be experiencing it all in no time.

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