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How to Make a Corsage Using Ribbon

    • 1). Snip four lengths of thin-gauge silk ribbon. Layer the ribbons over top of one another with the ends flush. Tie the stack of ribbons into a simple bow.

    • 2). Snip a length of wide-gauge silk ribbon measuring 18 to 20 inches long. Tie this length of ribbon into a simple bow.

    • 3). Squirt a dab of craft glue onto the front, center knot of the large wide-gauge ribbon bow. Adhere the layered ribbon bow over the glued spot and hold it in place for one minute. This creates a double-tiered bow creation with lots of frilly tendrils.

    • 4). Adhere the backside of the large bow to the elastic wristlet, using a dab of craft adhesive. Let it dry for 40 minutes before wearing on your wrist.

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