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How to Design a Dream Car on a Computer

    • 1). Go to a virtual design website, like the one at SI Kids or Ryan Auto Mall's Build Your Own Car utility (see Resources below). With SI Kids you can build more of a "fantasy," sporty type of car, while Ryan Auto Mall's car builder allows you to build your car based on actual makes and models of automobiles on the market. Scion, a new automobile company, also has a convenient tool on its website that allows you to design your own Scion car.

    • 2). Choose the body style, make, model and year of the car that you want to build. For body style, you might have an option between a hardtop or convertible, sports car, sedan, compact car or SUV.

    • 3). Select the exterior paint color for your dream car. Keep in mind that for some vehicle types the car may not be available in your exact color. In that case, you would have to have it primed and custom painted to your dream color.

    • 4). Select the interior color and style for your car. You can go with a leather or vinyl interior, or choose from a variety of cloth fabric interior upholstery options. Decide if you want to add wood trim to the interior of your dream car.

    • 5). Choose an audio system for your new car. You can go with the factory-standard sound system, or add on a package that includes a brand-new sound system, CD player or MP3 player, satellite radio and other popular modern options.

    • 6). Add on any other optional features you have in mind for your dream car, such as sports suspension, heated seats, built-in GPS navigation services, high-performance tires and Bluetooth capability. Some "build your own car" applications will also allow you to add on special trims, designs, rims and colored headlights to the exterior to the car. See Resources below for an interactive online dream car customizer.

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