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How To Skin A Rabbit

Field dressing an animal refers to the process of skinning and removing the internal organs of the animal for the purpose of preserving the meat.
As far as gutting a rabbit is concerned, this process has to be done quite perfectly, as otherwise you may be exposed to the dangers of contraction of blood born and parasitic diseases.
One such disease that the hunter may acquire during the skinning process of rabbits is Tularemia or Rabbit fever.
This is a rather serious disease that can be contracted during the process of skinning, by inhaling the bacteria responsible for causing this particular disease.
There are multiple ways to skin a rabbit.
The following steps explain one of the ways on how to skin a rabbit properly: • First of all choose a flat surface and lay the rabbit down on its back.
You can find that the skin of the lower belly area of the rabbit is quite loose.
Hold this part and make a small incision with a sharp knife.
The most important thing to keep in mind during this process is that you should be extremely cautious not to sever the lining of the stomach.
• Now enlarge the incision and tear the skin of the rabbit and pull it apart.
You may use your hands for this step or if you find it difficult to do so, you may as well use your knife to cut through the skin and pull it open.
• Now pull the two halves of the skin in either direction with all your strength till the skin comes right off the meat.
• Next, using a sharp knife, remove the head of the rabbit and then the feet by making a cut at the ankles.
The tail of the animal can also be removed at this point.
• The next step is to remove the entrails of the rabbit.
Gently lift the skin in the belly region and make a slit without severing the entrails.
Remove the intestine and anus by cutting through the groin area.
• To remove the guts, slit along the abdomen through the rib cage and the pelvic bone.
Gently remove the internal organs.
Save the heart, kidneys and liver by placing them in plastic bags and refrigerating them.
Make sure that the internal organs do not have any white spots or patches or any other kind of unusual discoloration.
If it does, discard the rabbit as these discolorations could be the signs of Tularemia.
• Expose the anal tract by cutting through the hip area.
Remove the urine sac without spilling the contents into the body cavity.
• Rinse and clean the body cavity with clean water.
After cleaning thoroughly, place the carcass in plastic bag and refrigerate.
Always make sure to field dress your rabbit immediately after the kill in order to prevent contamination and the risks associated with it.
Wear thick rubber or latex gloves and always use dirt free water for cleaning the carcass.
Skinning a rabbit may not be an enjoyable task for many people, but it's always worth a try.

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