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The 3% Are Successful Because They Maintain Consistency in Promoting

We keep hearing about the 97% failure rate among home based/internet businesses.
Let's see why and then move on to the 3% successful, it's easy: Lots of people fail (at everything they try) because:
  • They don't study the business before or after they join, they don't or can't comprehend the pay plan well enough to explain it to their prospects.
  • They forget why they jumped into joining it so they can't tellother people why they should jump into it either.
  • Most importantly: They don't advertise consistently, don't look for exciting aspects of the benefits, don't find new advertising sources, don't follow up with current prospects or downliners (if they have any).
To be successful is simple: Do the opposite of all of the above!
  • Study businesses before you join.
    Is the pay plan easy to understand and to explain to other people without telling them to read the site themselves? People don't like complicated pay plans, if they don't understand it, they probably won't work at promoting it.
    If your prospect thinks YOU can't explain it to them, they'll think THEY won't be able to explain it to anyone either, and they'll probably be right in thinking that.
  • Do you know why you joined? What was the deciding factor that made you jump, or lose sleep until you joined? Can you relay that enthusiasm to your prospects?
  • Advertise consistently and enthusiastically.
    Keep studying the benefits of the business and find ways of telling people about those benefits so they'll be very interested in joining.
    Different people react to different benefits, so diversify your focus on many things:Company support, value and uniqueness of the products/services, promotional materials, the pay plan (of course!) and any other benefits besides the paycheck that your prospects may find valuable.
  • Make it your goal to devote at least 30 to 60 minutes daily (that means every day) into advertising and follow-up.
    Lots of people forget to follow up with prospects and current members, you need to encourage your team to keep pushing forward! There's nothing worse than losing a group that was already in place because they did nothing because YOU did nothing to encourage them.
Definition of the word Daily: Not just 1 day or a few days, every day until you're earning your goal income, if you're in MLM, hopefully much of that will come from passive residuals from the efforts of your downline.
Are you utilizing everything that's available to you? Your signature file? I've seen downliners who don't even set up their signature file! If you see your own downliners online and they aren't advertising the business you're both in together, and they aren't using all aspects of available advertising, contact them immediately to fix those situations! Concentrated effort can greatly increase the 3% success rate and eventually demolish the 97% failure rate.
If you want to be successful, especially in MLM, YOU have to put in daily effort and encourage your downliners and follow up with prospects.
It starts with studying everything your business is offering, memorizing it, and being able to tell people about it by yourselves, without telling them to "go look at the site".
YOU need to put in a certain amount of time every day, don't slack off, because the more days that pass and you don't advertise, you'll convince yourself the business is to blame for your lack of income, when it's really you who's to blame because of your lack of motivation and consistency and follow-up.
Do you go the extra mile and do more than most other people in your business are doing? Can you? Why aren't you? If you want to earn more, you need to do more and do it consistently.
Every day is from now on, not just for the next 3 days, every day doesn't stop in 72 hours like many people seem to think.

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