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Can an Online Master Of Public Health Degree Help Your Career

Registered nurses (RN) are in high demand and so are RN's with advanced degrees. If you are seeking to advance your nursing career and move into an advanced hands on role or go into administration, a Master of Public Health may be exactly what you are looking for.

As we strive to catch up to the advancements that technology affords us, education becomes key. Being a desirable candidate is no longer strictly about experience, though this does have a large role in any career. Today it is about knowing about and understanding how to make the best use of the advancements in any field. For those wishing to go further in their nursing career, a Master of Public Health degree is the next step to making an even greater impact.

Public Health Offers Many Career Opportunities

A Master of Public Health can open more career opportunities for those in the public health field. Professional positions such as an administrator to more of a hands on, advanced position such as in Epidemiology, the possibilities almost become endless.

Public health has an extremely low unemployment rate. In fact, according to Job Bank USA, it is only two percent. This industry is an extremely stable job market and those with advanced degrees have even more selection of career opportunities available to them than those with undergrads only.

The pay scale in the public health sector is one that demands attention. From those with Bachelor degrees to those with Master degrees the pay can range from $31,500 to close to $145,000, according to the ASPH. Current opportunities are nearly limitless and more opportunities are on the rise.

Public Health Career Advancement Through Advanced Education

For those that are already begun their career in the healthcare industry, it can be difficult to find time to pursue a Master of Public Health degree. Finding the time that is required for classes, study groups and assignments can be nearly impossible for people who have demanding jobs and family obligations. A Master of Public Health or MPH degree can be obtained with an online program. An online program solves the problem of trying to manage time as classes and study groups (or online chat sessions with fellow students) can be fit into existing work or family obligations.

Anyone already working in the healthcare industry with a Bachelor degree should truly consider obtaining a Master degree in order to further their career. There are numerous career advancement opportunities to choose from when have a graduate level degree.

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