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DIY Skippy Filter

    • 1). Drill a hole 1 1/2 inches below the top of a container wide enough to hold the bulkhead. This is where the water drains from the filter.

    • 2). Screw the bulkhead into the hole so that the male end is extending out of the filter. The rubber gasket that comes with the bulkhead should be on the inside of the container. Put Teflon tape on the threads to reduce leaks.

    • 3). Fit the PVC pipes into the T-joint and add the two 90-degree bends to the ends of the top of the "T." The water will flow down to the bottom of the filter and exit through the two ends of the T-joint. Attach the 90-degree bends so that they face in opposite directions. You want the water to swirl around the bottom of the filter.

    • 4). Add the mesh so it rests about 3 inches above the outlet of the 90-degree bends on the bottom of the container. You can use a variety of materials for the mesh including window screen, egg-crate material, and plastic light diffusers. The filter media will sit on top of this mesh.

    • 5). Add the filtration material on top of the mesh. Skippy's suggests using coarse sponges. You could also use filter floss topped with ceramic "bioballs."

    • 6). Attach the inlet pipe to the pump and turn on the filter. Check to make sure it is not leaking and that the pump is running smoothly and does not sound like it is straining.

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