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Places to Register Domain Names

    Domain Name Companies

    • Since 1999, when ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) opened up the process of registering domain names to competition, the list of qualified registrars has grown from one to several dozen worldwide. One of the best known registrars is GoDaddy, with Enom and Tucows a distant second and third, respectively. A complete list of all the authorized domain name registrars is provided below in the Resources section for your convenience.

    Value-Added Services Offered

    • Aside from price, there are several other important criteria which should be taken into account when choosing a registrar. Customer service is critical when an issue crops up with a domain name, especially if this is a well-developed, e-commerce site where the accumulated lost revenue per hour dwarfs the cost of a domain name on a yearly basis. To that end, ensuring that this registrar can secure your domain from hijacking is critical, as is having the option of keeping the administrator's information private to prevent spammers and scammers from gaining access to this data.

      Another factor to consider is the ease of domain-name transfer from one hosting company to another, should the need arise. You may decide that the company you registered your domain name through is not the right choice to host your domain.

    Registering a Domain Name

    • The process of registering a domain name is reasonably uniform across all the registrars. The first step is to make sure that the domain name you wish to register is available. Almost all of the domain-name registrars provide an easy way to perform a WHOIS search, which is the mechanism that determines if a domain name is available. (Please note: This can be a long and frustrating process, as many of the obvious domain names are already spoken for.) Once you have found a domain name that you are comfortable with, you will need to provide your name, full address and phone number. You will need to provide a permanent email address, in case the registrar needs to contact you. If you elect to, there is the ability to record information for administrator, billing and technical contacts. Finally, you will need payment information. Credit cards are widely accepted, as is Paypal, by most registrars.

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