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Is the Problem Pests Or Pesticides?

Organic gardening is growing your garden in harmony with nature.
Insects are a critical part of the system.
Creating an environment for beneficial insects and other wildlife will help control the pests in your garden.
Pesticides can be very hazardous.
They are a substance or a mixture of more than one substance that is used to kill off pests.
Pests are not only insects.
Under the category of pests are animals, birds, fish, insects, mammals, microbes, weeds, etc.
They are anything that anyone wants to call a nuisance to them.
Insecticides are a form of pesticide that is used to kill off insects.
Both can be highly toxic to animals, humans and the environment.
There are many ways that pets can be controlled through natural methods.
Nature does it all the time by creating an environment that will attract the beneficial insects, microbes, microorganisms and other organisms needed to balance the environments habitat.
Beneficial insects will stay in your garden if there is a good food supply for them.
They need nectar to survive.
Plant a variety of plants so that you will have blooming flowers as many months out of the year as possible.
Companion Planting and plants that are part of the sunflower, cabbage and carrot family are very attractive to beneficial insects.
Create a healthy soil structure with organic matter will also benefit and control insect and disease problems that may effect your garden.
A good healthy soil helps in the prevention of insect and disease control by giving the plants the ability to be healthy.
A healthy plant has the ability to defend itself from the dangers of insects and disease.
Mulching is another way to keep beneficial insects like spiders in your garden.
Mulch all areas of your garden that have exposed soil.
This will provide a shelter for spiders.
Spiders are the number one predator on insects.
Do not use insecticides or pesticides.
Pest control by natural methods are a lot safer.
Insecticides and pesticides are only a temporary solution to pest control and you will kill off the beneficial natural predators that are the natural enemies to the pests in your garden and the toxic chemicals in pesticides pollute the air and our ground water supply.

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