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Sample Questions Now LEED Certification GA Green Associate V3 Pass the USGBC Test

You have begun the process of gaining your leed certification and wish to know what other information is necessary for certification.
The exam requires you to have knowledge of the required credits as well as the procedure in order to become leed certified.
To continue through the process all projects must be registered under usgbc leed with the name of Leed Certification Process, also known as Leed Process Implementation.
Each item is just as important as the other items when studying for a leed exam throughout the whole certification process.
Taking a Look at Various Roles for Leeds Certification Leed AP - This is your role.
In this role you'll need know what your teammates are doing and when they are doing it.
You will also need to manage all the documents from your team to be used in templates, confirm your teammate dealing with individual leed credits is held accountable for his or her actions, have a clear understanding of the complete application process, and coordinate the codes and standards within the trades.
Project administrator - The main responsibility for this person is to become a primary contact for the Leed-online portion.
This person must have the capability to allow for access of the team and also to invite people to become members.
The project administrator must validate all information regarding the project and assign accountability for credits.
The final role of this person is to submit any completed templates online for review.
Now that you know the two important roles in the certification process, let's take a look at the four steps needed in this process.
Registration for the project: oVisit the usgbc website and register your project.
oPay processing fees to begin your process ($450.
00 for members and $600.
00 for non-members).
If your project gets a leed rating of Platinum, then your registration fee will be waived.
oOnce registered you will have access to the templates for letters or also called credits.
You will be able to have contact with usgbc.
You can research the requests of credit interpretation.
If you register early, then you can be confident that your project has a great chance of becoming certified.
Process of the application: Once you have registered, you can download templates from USGBC online.
Every member will receive samples of templates, but you will not receive the official templates unless you have registered a project.
Your registration provides for an easier process during the application period.
Your project will be saved into a special folder for projects.
The templates will give you important information in order to earn any credits.
It will also inform you regarding the documents to support you.
It allows you to become the decision maker regarding your project.
oTemplates of credits include four sections - status of template, template to manage, documents that are required, and status of documents.
Teams will submit the templates of credits to usgbc to be reviewed and certified online.
oThere are options within submission.
In other words, submission includes designs or Leed construction summary.
The second phase you submit the design and then the construction summary.
The first phase you submit the design and construction summaries at the same time.
After each of the phase regarding design and construction, you will receive a credit either anticipated or denied.
oWhen you make your submission you must include a rating system for your project along with the contact, type, size, number of occupants, and date of completion for your project.
You must also include a narrative that includes a minimal number of three highlights for your project.
You must list your credit interpretation requests, or CIR.
You should also include drawings and photographs of the prospective leed building, including the site, floor plan, building section, elevation, and finally a photo or rendering of the project in either 8.
5x11" or 11x17".
oYou will need to pay fees for certification.
The amount you pay will depend upon your chosen rating system, like NC or NI, etc.
and square footage of your project.
You will need to pay the fee in your design and construction phases in English and do not include anything other than what is requested.

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