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China Electronics News: China's Ic Design Enterprises To Enter The Automotive Electronics

China's IC Design Enterprises (Fabless) has been targeting the automotive industry. As a high threshold for the industry needs to relevant government departments, to explore the upstream and downstream industry chain development.

Fabless started his China Automotive Electronics Market

After successfully intervene and occupy the consumer electronics, industrial electronics part of the market segments, a number of Chinese IC design companies have started to aim the next one has a huge market capacity, but a higher threshold for intervention applications --- automotive electronics. "At present there are about 10 Fabless chip looking for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to explore the production of automotive problems." TSMC vice president of business development of China Town, the ball is in Romania this month, held in Xiamen, China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch Annual Meeting (ICCAD2009) told the "China Electronics News" reporter. This reporter has learned that these Fabless involved in automotive electronics products, including MCU, power devices, sensors, GPS chip, as well as lighting control chips.

In Shanghai, Shanghai Feilegufen Co., Ltd. and Shanghai University jointly developed automotive electronic controller ASIC is currently the chip has been associated with the control module into the automobile accessory channel; Shanghai Koito, Shanghai Symphony and the Shanghai Yao joint development of silicon IP Trading Center The lighting control module and the chip has been successfully used in other Audi models; on the Heisen too grams of speed, pressure, temperature, brake sensor also received an automotive electronics supplier orders. In Shenzhen, BYD Microelectronics has developed out of the bus with the IGBT chips, and entered the batch testing phase; high-wave technology research and development of sensors and other automotive-specific integrated circuits bipolar products. In Xi'an, Xi'an, China News R & D in GPS navigation chips and other products, integrated navigation and mobile TV with the formation of functional modules, has entered a domestic brand car.

At the same time, local governments and industry associations have begun the development of automotive electronics industry, to give a high priority. MCU business in Shanghai a person in charge of the "China Electronics News" reporter, said that they participated in the Shanghai company recently organized by the relevant government departments, automotive electronics seminars, the organization of these meetings automotive electronics industrial chain of upstream and downstream enterprises in the sharing of relevant information and seminars. Although companies are not prepared to enter the near future automotive electronics market, but they said the Government's attention has also to give them a certain degree of confidence in their future will certainly be involved in the market because this market is too high. The Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen, Cai Jinjiang Secretary-General told reporters that they are also preparing similar upstream and downstream industry chain conference to promote the development of automotive electronics industry.

The current entry point for non-security type of market

Although China's Fabless companies have a breakthrough in the automotive electronics market, it is undeniable that a very high threshold of the market, companies face the challenge is considerable. First of all, Chinese companies are facing competition from super-strength. "Freescale, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, like the automotive electronics market, the complete chip shop." Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. Chen Xiaobing, deputy director of Technology Center, told reporters, "They offer from ECU, sensors, interface device to the power devices to all devices. "Second, the investment required is high. The "light control module, for example, just go to the United States Intertec to do an EMC test on the needs 5 million dollars." Electronics Industry Association, Shanghai Jiao YANG Xiao-feng, deputy Secretary-General, said, "Because of this, although the domestic research in this area to do a lot of people However, no clear marketing objectives, who dare not try. "

Even more critical is that the Chinese Fabless the lack of accumulated experience opportunities. "A product R & D came out, from the consumer electronics point of view, may be a good cost-effective products." Jinan Jet Automotive Electronics Research Institute, Cheng Jun says, "but it moved to the automotive sector, if there is no large quantities of application experience, automotive electronics enterprises dare not use, so that there is no way to verify the reliability of this product and a corresponding experience. cycle, the chip companies entered a vicious cycle. "

To this end, China's Fabless entering the automotive electronics Touch Screen LCD Monitor market, be sure to choose a good starting point.

This entry point is actually a lot. "Frankly speaking, I think they should do cross-industry products." Chen Xiaobing said, "the ECU, we could hardly compete with Freescale or a microchip to compete, but in the new energy vehicles on the analog circuit and power devices There are many new demands. like a battery management system, at present are based on current integration approach, but this will give rise to cumulative error. If the chip to solve this problem would be welcome. In another example, a chip company has developed a blind spot detection chip, only one chip needs to resolve the original camera, high-speed video processor, high-cost bus system to build a video security system, greatly reducing system costs. This is what we really need automobile plant products. "At the same time, Shanghai Koito and the Shanghai Cooperation Yao model letter provides a good model. Shanghai Koito headlights to occupy the Chinese market, 50% market share, have their own voice; Shanghai Symphony Yao has new lighting control module technology. Lamp light source to the new conversion process requires a large number of electronic systems, such as LED drivers, HID lighting electronic rectifiers and intelligent servo systems, using this opportunity, the two sides on the new light source lamp market in co-operation is very successful.

In addition to new technologies, new energy vehicles or the opportunity to bring a dedicated chip, the industry has reached a consensus that can be advanced domestic Fabless safe driving forces associated with the vehicle relatively small area of automotive electronics. "In the car, there are power systems, security systems, body electronics and infotainment systems, body electronics and infotainment systems to the safety of vehicles involved less." Cheng Jun analysis said, "body electronics itself is relatively simple functions, representing easy to intervene; and infotainment systems, the field of Chinese enterprises from home appliances to the field of automotive electronics also easier to transfer. In addition, power chips, relays and communications chips is also possible to intervene, but the MCU and other products to be difficult to some. "while the Chinese semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch Zhao Jianzhong, Deputy Secretary-General also said that China Fabless from non-automotive safety products and gradually cut into the market and build credibility, the future may enter the field of automotive safety.

Need to look for breakthroughs in the upstream and downstream of the road

In addition to an entry point, the Chinese automobile industry, the chip needs to continuously improve the supporting environment. Automotive chip involves the design, manufacture, packaging, testing and many other links. Recently, in the foundry, the TSMC ICCAD2009 officially introduced the car industry's first automotive e-authentication process specifications and meet the automotive electronic grade semiconductor manufacturing service packages. At the same time, TSMC's wafer 10 in the Shanghai Songjiang plant will begin production of automotive grade integrated circuits. Another foundry company --- Shanghai's advanced automotive electronics are also exploring the field of analog technology to expand its foundry business.

In the packaging industry, according to the China Semiconductor Industry Association, Xie Kang, Deputy Secretary-General introduced major domestic packaging companies to explore the automotive electronics packaging technology, and pay close attention to the development of this industry trend.

Fabless But China still faces many problems in matching links. For example, a veteran of the automotive electronics, "China Electronics News" reporter said that as the MCU or some other simple digital circuit is a relatively mature or standardized products and technologies, it is possible in the chip foundry production, but also from a technical point of view, said can achieve the conditions required by automotive electronics. "We do see some trends, but not yet mainstream." This person said, "but for some special bipolar circuit or sensor technology circuits, because they are good or bad the product and process have a direct link, but each The advantage of the supplier in the semiconductor process, so the short term is unlikely to OEM production. "This is undoubtedly a challenge to China's Fabless. At the same time, in the packaging area, Xi'an, China News, general manager of Zhou Yi, told reporters that the current SIP (system in package) domestic manufacturers still at an early stage, the finished product rate is still less than ideal.

Therefore, the Chinese Fabless started his automotive electronics market conditions, the need to work together to find the upstream and downstream industry chain development.

Preferential policies and standards should be formulated with both hands

In the beginning of a new industrial development and policy support is very important. Reporter was informed that although the automotive industry in the country among the ranks of the nine adjustment of the revitalization of industry, but the relevant machine interaction with the chip because of the subsidy policy is suspected of violation of WTO principles and not issued. In this way, how to follow the example of home appliances to the countryside policies to promote the linkage of motor vehicles and chip machine and upgrade the core of China's automotive electronics technology level, making China out of "Made in China do not make money, but the international component manufacturers to guaranteed profits," the embarrassing situation is quite urgent The. "Although in recent years, China's auto electronics industry developed rapidly, but the lack of national policy to encourage, even the trucks are doing abroad for Powertrain. If there is no policy to pull along, then the passive situation will continue . "Cheng Jun says," If the state has adopted a policy to encourage domestic enterprises to encourage innovation, and this process will be shortened, it will allow enterprises to catch up with the past two years, great development opportunities for the automotive industry. "

At present, local governments are some of the policies introduced. YANG Xiao-feng introduction, for many non-software companies currently doing embedded software development for automotive software companies, when not enjoy preferential policies for this problem, Shanghai Jiao Tong Electronics Industry Association is leading the establishment of a model, finds that the proportion of embedded systems software, the proportion of , and calculate the enterprise income tax on how to enjoy preferential policies, the policy will be implemented in 2010.

In addition, as automotive electronics VGA Monitor rapid development of new technologies, the need for standard support. Some departments, such as the Shanghai Jiao Tong Electronic Industries Association is drafting standards for automotive electronics industry, while the standards for the development of China's auto electronics industry will also play a key role.

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