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2012 Kohl"s Back-to-School Shopping Challenge: $100 for 3 Brothers

2012 Kohl's Back-to-School Shopping Challenge: $100 for 3 Brothers

This back-to-school season, Kohl's and About Kids' Fashion challenged a mom of four to make the most of $100. With fast-growing boys and a toddler to dress as well, Mom has to be a savvy shopper. At Kohl's, she was able to find sturdy and versatile items within her budget.

Nine-year-old identical twins Logan and Shane have similar clothing tastes, but don't want to dress exactly the same.

Logan's Solid Polo and Jeans

Logan chose a 100% cotton pique polo shirt in turquoise.

The bright hue is a departure from the many navy blue shirts that seem to fill up the boys' dressers. This shirt replaces an identical one he got at Kohl's earlier in the season. That shirt held its color well enough through many washes; Logan just needed to move up a size.
He paired the shirt with lightly distressed jeans in a size 12, which he'll cuff now and grow into by winter's end. The low rise, relaxed fit, and straight leg look great with any shirt.

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2012 Kohl's Back-to-School Shopping Challenge: $100 for 3 Brothers

Shane's Striped Polo and Jeans

Shane likes patterned shirts, but he's very particular about colors. He found a combination he liked in this royal blue striped jersey polo with aqua and white stripes.
Like Logan, Shane chose a pair of Urban Pipeline jeans in size 12, but opted for a darker wash, which will look sharp with the button down dress shirts he likes to wear when the weather turns cool. These jeans have an adjustable waistband, allowing for longer wear and eliminating the need for a belt.

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Denham's Thermal Tee and Shorts

Comfort rules with seven-year-old Denham. He fell in love with the Urban Pipeline rugby striped thermal tees. The gray and black stripes look stylish when on display now, and the shirt will make a great layering piece throughout the winter.
With hot weather still lingering, he wanted to get shorts instead of pants, and chose a pair of cargo shorts. The sale price of $19.99 was more than Mom would normally pay for boys' shorts, but she likes "the Velcro and button closures that will keep all his treasures safe in his pockets." The size 10 shorts also have an adjustable waistband.

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Logan, Denham and Shane are looking good in their back-to-school clothes from Kohl's.

Mom said, "I wanted each boy to have a favorite outfit to wear to start off the new school year, and I needed to get the outfits for around $100. We accomplished our goal, finding three outfits for a total of $103.95 at Kohl's back-to-school sale. In all, we saved $82.05 by shopping the Kohl's sale."

Denham is tall and sometimes wears the same size as his older brothers.

If the boys feel up to sharing, they have the makings of several good outfits here. The versatile items they chose will also make for easy mixing and matching with existing wardrobe items.

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